Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Summer of New Experiences!

It is nearly impossible to believe that summer is coming to a close... wasn't it just a week or two ago that I turned in my last English assignment and was sincerely stressed about my chemistry lab final? It puts things into perspective that life flies by so fast... I tend to always be looking forward to something or reminiscing about something else, rather than investing in the moment.

Despite being gone on several vacations (similar to every single other summer I can remember) this summer has been one to remember! Here are a few stand-outs from my summer vacation.

#1- School? During summer vacation?  Between CYIA, three vacations (including the one coming up this week) it's been tough to squeeze in math  and piano lessons. But, my piano teacher, Mrs. Nelson, has been really awesome. In addition to the normal practicing assignments, she's started having me do written work as well as taking notes on music videos and learning a whole new technique to memorizing music. I'm enjoying the extra challenge, although I definitely am not the most motivated practicer.... Sometimes I work more on my Pirates of the Caribbean theme music and not enough on my Bach piece. (for obvious reasons.)  I cannot say math itself has been awesome, but I can say that my tutor, Mrs. Moldrup, is amazing. She can explain any concept 6 different ways, wears sweats and athletic gear and totally rocks them,  and can teach me how to graph parabolas while breaking up a sword-fight and helping to write graduation invitations at the same time. I could go on and on about her, but for the sake of you, my readers, I will limit my description to that, since I'm sure if you've met her, you know just how incredible she is.

#2 Lots and lots and LOTS of homemade angel food cake. Who would've guessed that something with such a heavenly name would be so devilish? I mean, seriously, it's not polite to flop seven times in a row, especially if you're supposed to be angelic and compliant! And then for the one cake that I enter in the 4-H fair to decide it wanted to have The Grand Canyon in it's side and ginormous air bubbles in the middle... that's just plain rude! (And possibly vindictive, although I'm still not quite sure what the exact meaning of the word is. It sounds fitting, though.)

#3 The 4-H fair. Don't procrastinate until the week of the  the 4-H fair to work on your projects. That's the best way to become end your relationship with angel food cakes, and lose lots of sleep in the process.

#4 A Psalm Sing! Despite being nervous about fitting in and not knowing what to expect, singing the Psalms with fellow friends and believers was very memorable. A lot of the Psalms were put to tunes that I was familiar with, and the environment was very welcoming. And to top off an already special evening, throw in an hour and a half of social time that included a discussion about theistic evolution, homemade snickers bars, and catching up with friends, it couldn't have gotten much better.

#5 Fried Oreos! Do it! They're amazing. I was QUITE apprehensive about trying them, but I was wrong! They're puffy and airy with a little pocket of creamy chocolate deliciousness in the center. Almost like chocolate-filled cream puffs... but note quite. (try them, then you'll know what I mean.) It wasn't my idea, (We're doing what?) but I give them a total thumbs up!

All in all, it's been a great summer thus far! I'd love to hear about new experiences that you all have had, too!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Of Hairbrushes

You know I'm bored when I start writing poems about hair-brushes... but there really is not much about my current schedule worth saying... sleep, eat, "condition" (a.k.a. die) for volleyball, and chores and working at my dad's shop! So in my attempt to compensate for my lack of social life, I write about... hair brushes. Yes, I'm homeschooled. :)
My hair brush has legs
of that I'm quite sure
When it thinks I'm not looking,
it bolts through the door

It's sneaky, that brush!
Never caught in the act.
But I know it has legs,
and that is a fact.

There's no other way
to explain why it's missing,
And  it's always when I
 am especially busy!

It hops out of my drawer
and onto my desk
Then slides down the lamp chord
like one of the best.

It looks all around
to make sure I'm not there
Then slinks off in the shadows
to district Who-Knows-Where.

It hides in my hamper,
and camps out in the car!
Though it often goes missing,
it never goes far.

Its favorite game
is hide and go seek,
And it hides for an hour,
a day, or a week.

And when I get used
to its odd hiding spots,
It's right there in my drawer!
Not to be caught.

It may look quite innocent,
but don't be deceived.
It'll use its quick legs
as soon as you leave.

Disclaimer: If any hairbrushes decide to sue me for disclosing their escape tactics, I would like to remind them that I am a minor payed minimum wage, and all attempts to get wealthy off of me will be in vain.