Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Week In Terms of Pinterest

I love Pinterest because it supplies visual interest (pictures) without me having to upload them. Uploading pictures would probably be easy-peasy if there was anything easy about technology. Seeing as how I still haven't figured out how to use my i-pod, (a Christmas gift) I am sticking to copying and pasting pictures from Pinterest (I really hope this is legal).
First off,I finally got around to studying for the ACT this week, and this dialogue struck me as especially funny, considering I have spent several hours this week trying to figure out the difference between a cosecant and a secant. Ugh.
I wish I were half that witty!

Another occurrence from this week is the accumulation of clothing on my floor. I am running out of creative ideas for outfits... so naturally I threw all the clothes on my floor in hopes of fresh inspiration. Instead, I only attracted the attention of my mother, who has banned me from working out until I clean my room. Probably because she is scared of tucking me in at night?

Legos like a boss
Now granted, mom no longer has to come in my room to spank me, but I must confess that the trek to my bed in the dark has become rather hazardous.
And then there's this one, which is 100% accurate. (So accurate in fact, that my I a friend send it to me on Pinterest).

And then there's this one, which I think is hilariously and very applicable to my week. :)
Safe answer
Actually, I ate chocolate (courtesy of Mary Frances's blog) in the form of black bean brownies for LUNCH. Hey, they're full of protein, right? (Or so I tell myself.) And, by the same logic...
Haha, perfect!
Guess who's making cupcakes? (Just kidding... sort of!)
And then there's this one... I found out two weeks ago that my cousin was "in a relationship." And then today, I find out they're engaged!!! Naturally there was lots of stalkin... err, investigating going on to see who the new member of my family will be. :)
:) Sounds familiar!
Lastly, Mrs. Mann, I am DETERMINED to decrease my comma errors in this upcoming research paper. I thought you would appreciate this one:
grammer humor!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lessons from Olaf

Olaf - my favorite character :)
Disney has finally won my heart. And I have to admit, it's about time. From princesses dropping from the sky into the arms of a handsome prince to major "love at first sight" overkill, they've definitely overdone it on cliches and plummeting princesses. 

But a snowman? A dancing, talking, summer-loving, willing-to-melt-for-his-friends snowman? (Sorry, I guess the word, "sacrificial" would have sufficed, too.) You sold me.
Though I'm not an avid writer, I love analyzing characters and people... plots, not so much. I will confess that is rather evident in my One Year Adventure Novel. :)

Anyways, I have to get one thing straight. I am not about to try to emulate this naive but oh-so-precious snowman. At least, not completely. I don't think it's realistic to constantly bounce around the room like kangaroo coffee addict. (Plus, while it was cute when Olaf did it, I don't think I would quite pull it off.) However, Olaf is a well-developed character and I do admire him, fictional or not. Don't worry, I'm not about to try to become a snowman (although that would be "cool," my efforts would be "short-lived." Get it? Okay, so my jokes need some work. Anyways...) Here are things I admire about this fictitious snowman: (and some adorable pictures to go with it)

Olaf Quote Miracle alert! A Disney film shows love in the form of sacrifice rather than in the form of a prince with great princess-catching abilities! And guess what? Olaf is the first-ever- (and probably only-ever) snowman to say these words in a Disney movie. And you wonder why I like him?

Olaf! "Put me in summer and I'll be a... happy snowman!!"I love how Olaf is so busy standing up for Elsa, the person in question, that he gets stabbed by an icicle. His response? "Oh, look at that. I've been impaled." This may be over-thinking the situation, but seriously, I don't react well to little blips in my life, let alone impalement. Rather than looking at how small inconveniences fit into the big scheme of things, I overreact to little things. 
Things like running late, bad hair-days, B's in physics, hurtful comments, and volleyball losses. Will these things matter in 10 years? Will I care in heaven that they happened? Obviously Olaf downplayed the situation quite a bit... impalement would usually be a pretty big deal. I tend to "play up" little occurrences in my life to get attention, rather than seeing them in light of the future I have with Jesus. Olaf is fictional. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from him, peoples!

 Olaf has never experienced summer, yet he is looking forward to it! I love that Olaf is looking forward to the unknown! To... change. I hate change. I am afraid of change. Change is scary because it is new and therefore not in my control. Last night we went to a new restaurant! And guess what? I was freaked out because it was new. It turned out to be fine (actually, it was delicious). But I made a fuss because it was not part of my routine. And I was a royal pain because I drug my feet like they were made of lead. 

Granted, you have to draw the line somewhere: Olaf is looking forward to heat which will cause him to melt. Details, details, I know, but still. I don't want to take the analogy too far. (Really guys, I have gone back and forth on posting this because I'm afraid you'll think I've lost it and want to turn into a snowman.)

Some people are worth melting for - Olaf ; Frozen <3Another example of sacrifice. Heart.Just. Melted.>>>>
(Get it??? Heart MELTS. Oh, never mind.)

And now, the REAL reason I instantly love him. Since these are my last words of this post, I will leave you with his first words. Because that seems fittingly ironic.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

{Random Things} Bucket List

I have a confession. A confession that will probably ruin my reputation as a first-born forever. A confession that will shatter the oldest-child stereotype forever. I... (gulp) hate to-do lists. 

I know, I know, I, too, wonder if maybe I am adopted and I am actually a second born or something. But my parents have assured me otherwise. I admire people who like to-do lists. I have even tried to love to-do lists.  But there is something rather overwhelming about seeing everything you have to do, all in one place. I prefer to keep mental to-do lists, and focus on one task at a time. This definitely has its cons, but if I had my way, I would keep all my lists that way, all the while admiring those people who just love being productive and checking things off. :)

However, I do not hate ALL lists. Bucket lists have always been something I enjoy thinking about. Bucket lists are fun because I separate them from my goals. Goals are something I actually endeavor to reach, and feel horrible if I do not attain them. On the other hand, bucket lists are something I love to think about because I feel no pressure to succeed at them. They are more "dreams" than "necessary tasks" (Although the incessant cookie baking is probably a must). 

Here are a few things that have made my bucket list:

 Wheel Chair Races in a Nursing Home: Yes, I must admit, I am rather excited to grow old. I want to be an elderly aunt who power-walks frequently, incessantly bakes cookies, and takes her nieces on coffee dates (the best way to communicate love to anyone!) I do not intend to HAVE to use a wheel chair, but I will probably purchase several at age 50, since that is close enough to "old" to have wheel chair races. (DO NOT tell my mother I said that!)
( I'm thinking this pink shade would suit me quite well. And no, I am not ashamed that I have already found my future wheel chair.)
Walk up to a Stranger and Pretend Like I Know Them: Don't judge. I think I was meant for this. We could even compare notes on the wedding we didn't attend together. Seeing their bewilderment would be totally worth it.

Make a 7-layer cake: Either that or a crepe cake. Doesn't that sound fun! I'm thinking red-velvet or lemon. Maybe chocolate-peanut butter?
... red velvet layer cake this moist chocolate red velvet cake is filled

( This cake is only six layers... skimpy, I know. But it was pretty, so I picked it.)

Go  Christmas Caroling In July: My dad thinks I'm crazy, but I think it would be fun to maybe even have a whole Christmas PARTY in July. We could decorate Christmas cookies and dig through our closet to find our fake Christmas tree... we're supposed to keep the Christmas Spirit alive all year, right? 

Live out in the Country: Only with fewer hills. I love that there is less traffic out here, and even though I'm a somewhat loud person, I definitely need quiet, too. 

Host People for Dinner Weekly: I don't care if I stay single forever, but I want to invite people into my house/apartment/dugout (joking, but seriously, I have no clue where I will live) on a regular basis. I greatly admire hospitable people, and want to make welcoming people into my home a habit, not an exception. 

I know there are more, but I  cannot think of them at this time. I may inform you of my others in a future post. Until then, I'm signing off!


Monday, March 10, 2014

{People I Love} Savanna

7 years. That’s how long I’ve been blessed to know Savanna DeWolf! And in case you’re wondering, I’m dedicating this post to her because her birthday was this past Saturday.  I’m so thankful for her friendship, her loyalty, and her patience. Lots of patience. Here are some tidbits about her!
A few character qualities I love about Savanna:
·         She is an incredible listener—I can’t remember a single time she has interrupted me!
·         She has a beautiful smile that she shares with EVERYONE.
·         She has a sarcastic-yet-gentle sense of humor. J
·         She can keep a secret better than anyone else I know.
·         She is a clear, systematic teacher. I have learned so much from her—from Algebra help to card games.
·         She is willing to push her comfort zone to follow God

Some of Savanna’s many talents/gifts include:
  • ·         Her memory—I think it’s pretty close to photographic. She is especially good at remembering numbers, facts, statistics, and small details.
  • ·         She has an eye for photography. Her pictures are often unique, vibrant, and tastefully considered.
  • ·         Like I said before, she is a gifted teacher. While I struggle with being systematic and thorough, she is both of these things.
  • ·         She is smart. And I mean smart! I think the combination of her fantastic memory and attention to detail as well as her attentiveness to schoolwork all contribute to her  obvious intelligence.
  • ·         She is an engaging writer. I still have a story she wrote for me that applied directly to something I was struggling with. Which leads me to my next point…
  • ·         She is thoughtful. Aside from the example above, another time she displayed her thoughtfulness was a secret sister gift she gave me several years ago. Most people (okay, it was probably just me) were pretty last-minute about their secret sister gifts, perhaps giving their partner candy or a short note. But Savanna gave me decorated recipe notebook, with a note inside. I use this notebook weekly, and it is now full of recipes I love! I still read the note and am encouraged by it.
  • ·         She is quite the artist. She understands how colors go together, and can knit, croquet, draw, and modge podge really well. I think her detailed-ness helps her here, too. 

Finally, here is a poem I wrote for her birthday. It doesn't come close to telling how she has blessed me, but it does share a few of my favorite memories with her.

Little Girl with Glasses 
There’s a new girl with some glasses
Who is going to join our choir.
This new girl has an orange room…
I can tell I’m going to like her!

This new girl with the glasses
Is great at pretend play!
Her basement is the perfect place
For spending rainy days.

It’s perfect for a hospital
To care for our sick dolls.
It even makes a great big zoo
Complete with horses’ stalls.

I  like this girl with glasses!
She’s really, really smart.
She’s good at mostly everything
From mental math to art.

 This little girl with glasses
Is also very brave.
She ate Mom’s pheasant nuggets,
Which are kind of an acquired taste.

The other day was really fun!
 We climbed up onto the roof!
Until mom saw our siblings follow
And told us both to scoot.

 It’s official, this girl with glasses
Is growing up too fast!
I want our days of roofs and dolls
To stay right here and last!

Now this girl with glasses
Is turning eighteen today.
Change is just around the corner,
But these sweet memories are here to stay.

Monday, March 3, 2014

{Instructions} A Hypothetical Scenario

Dear Reader,
I thought since this week in class we're learning how to write instructions, I'd write some for you. In order to challenge myself, I thought I would write them about something I know next to nothing about. So, this is a hypothetical situation to which I am not in the least familiar.

How to Set Yourself up for a Stressful Week:

  • Yourself
  • A co-Sunday School Teacher
  • Your physics book
  • A skirt
  • A car
  • Siblings and/or a parent
  • A missing memory (if you don't have one, you can borrow mine... if you can find it. Although then it wouldn't be missing.) 
(See, this will not be complicated.)

Step 1.) Procrastinate both your physics tests until the Friday before they are due.

Step 2.) Forget to correspond with your co-Sunday School Teacher about who is teaching what in class until late Saturday night.

Step 3.) Wear a skirt ice-skating. (If you're a guy, this could be especially stressful, just saying.)

Step 4.) Go driving with your little siblings who are convinced they are going to die while you are at the wheel. ( If you don't have little siblings, another option would be to go driving with your mom, who is equally convinced of your prominent peril.)

Step 5.) Arrive late to Sunday School

Step 6.) Forget to blog until 10 minutes before the deadline.

Step 7.) Happy Stressing!

If you are still convinced this is a hypothetical situation, then I like you!!!