Thursday, March 13, 2014

{Random Things} Bucket List

I have a confession. A confession that will probably ruin my reputation as a first-born forever. A confession that will shatter the oldest-child stereotype forever. I... (gulp) hate to-do lists. 

I know, I know, I, too, wonder if maybe I am adopted and I am actually a second born or something. But my parents have assured me otherwise. I admire people who like to-do lists. I have even tried to love to-do lists.  But there is something rather overwhelming about seeing everything you have to do, all in one place. I prefer to keep mental to-do lists, and focus on one task at a time. This definitely has its cons, but if I had my way, I would keep all my lists that way, all the while admiring those people who just love being productive and checking things off. :)

However, I do not hate ALL lists. Bucket lists have always been something I enjoy thinking about. Bucket lists are fun because I separate them from my goals. Goals are something I actually endeavor to reach, and feel horrible if I do not attain them. On the other hand, bucket lists are something I love to think about because I feel no pressure to succeed at them. They are more "dreams" than "necessary tasks" (Although the incessant cookie baking is probably a must). 

Here are a few things that have made my bucket list:

 Wheel Chair Races in a Nursing Home: Yes, I must admit, I am rather excited to grow old. I want to be an elderly aunt who power-walks frequently, incessantly bakes cookies, and takes her nieces on coffee dates (the best way to communicate love to anyone!) I do not intend to HAVE to use a wheel chair, but I will probably purchase several at age 50, since that is close enough to "old" to have wheel chair races. (DO NOT tell my mother I said that!)
( I'm thinking this pink shade would suit me quite well. And no, I am not ashamed that I have already found my future wheel chair.)
Walk up to a Stranger and Pretend Like I Know Them: Don't judge. I think I was meant for this. We could even compare notes on the wedding we didn't attend together. Seeing their bewilderment would be totally worth it.

Make a 7-layer cake: Either that or a crepe cake. Doesn't that sound fun! I'm thinking red-velvet or lemon. Maybe chocolate-peanut butter?
... red velvet layer cake this moist chocolate red velvet cake is filled

( This cake is only six layers... skimpy, I know. But it was pretty, so I picked it.)

Go  Christmas Caroling In July: My dad thinks I'm crazy, but I think it would be fun to maybe even have a whole Christmas PARTY in July. We could decorate Christmas cookies and dig through our closet to find our fake Christmas tree... we're supposed to keep the Christmas Spirit alive all year, right? 

Live out in the Country: Only with fewer hills. I love that there is less traffic out here, and even though I'm a somewhat loud person, I definitely need quiet, too. 

Host People for Dinner Weekly: I don't care if I stay single forever, but I want to invite people into my house/apartment/dugout (joking, but seriously, I have no clue where I will live) on a regular basis. I greatly admire hospitable people, and want to make welcoming people into my home a habit, not an exception. 

I know there are more, but I  cannot think of them at this time. I may inform you of my others in a future post. Until then, I'm signing off!



  1. I have no doubt you will accomplish all of these :) Haha, the wheel chair cracked me up! Oh, and when I'm old (and have no pride) I'm going to try the stranger conversation, too. Laughing as I type this!

  2. Hey you!! I nominated you --->