Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Week In Terms of Pinterest

I love Pinterest because it supplies visual interest (pictures) without me having to upload them. Uploading pictures would probably be easy-peasy if there was anything easy about technology. Seeing as how I still haven't figured out how to use my i-pod, (a Christmas gift) I am sticking to copying and pasting pictures from Pinterest (I really hope this is legal).
First off,I finally got around to studying for the ACT this week, and this dialogue struck me as especially funny, considering I have spent several hours this week trying to figure out the difference between a cosecant and a secant. Ugh.
I wish I were half that witty!

Another occurrence from this week is the accumulation of clothing on my floor. I am running out of creative ideas for outfits... so naturally I threw all the clothes on my floor in hopes of fresh inspiration. Instead, I only attracted the attention of my mother, who has banned me from working out until I clean my room. Probably because she is scared of tucking me in at night?

Legos like a boss
Now granted, mom no longer has to come in my room to spank me, but I must confess that the trek to my bed in the dark has become rather hazardous.
And then there's this one, which is 100% accurate. (So accurate in fact, that my I a friend send it to me on Pinterest).

And then there's this one, which I think is hilariously and very applicable to my week. :)
Safe answer
Actually, I ate chocolate (courtesy of Mary Frances's blog) in the form of black bean brownies for LUNCH. Hey, they're full of protein, right? (Or so I tell myself.) And, by the same logic...
Haha, perfect!
Guess who's making cupcakes? (Just kidding... sort of!)
And then there's this one... I found out two weeks ago that my cousin was "in a relationship." And then today, I find out they're engaged!!! Naturally there was lots of stalkin... err, investigating going on to see who the new member of my family will be. :)
:) Sounds familiar!
Lastly, Mrs. Mann, I am DETERMINED to decrease my comma errors in this upcoming research paper. I thought you would appreciate this one:
grammer humor!

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  1. Haha, I do love that t-shirt! Where can I get one? ;)

    I'm going to have to share the "hormone guide" with my husband! Ha.

    And yet another laugh with your "I hope this is legal" comment...I do love your writing, Hannah. :)