Monday, April 7, 2014

{Bucket List} Part 2

Mmm, bucket lists make me so happy! Here are a few additions I'd like to make to my previous post. :)

More to do on my bucket list...
Poach an egg the REAL way. You know, dropping it into boiling water rather than into the little poached egg tins my mother has. Those are not the same thing!

Camp out on the trampoline. I've tried at least twice, and after several hours of everything but sleeping, I always come inside... obviously I value sleeping more than coolness! And then consequently feel like a wimp.

Successfully hit (or spike, depending on your terminology) from the backrow during a volleyball game. Not a standing spike, the real deal. I don't think I've ever successfully done a true approach in a game and gotten the ball over the net. Yes folks, there is a reason I am confined to back row!

Make one Giant Clump of Puppy Chow. Thanks to Anna Keeley, I can now get small clumps of puppy chow rather than none, but I would love to fit a whole batch of puppy chow (preferably pumpkin) into one clump. Talk about delicious!

Try Some Classes at the Gym. I've always wanted to take a spinning class or a Zumba class!

Walk on Stilts. Apparently my genes aren't okay with my height aspirations, but there are other ways I can attain my (literally) lofty goal!

Convince my Dad that I'm not Cut Out to be an Engineer! Seriously, every year, K-state has an open house, and this year in particular my dad was convinced that I should do industrial or chemical engineering. Apparently, he doesn't want me to waste my "problem solving skills" (Hah!) on dietetics. Oh dear. It didn't help that my career test gave one (out of like 100) possible career of chemical engineering. So yes... my dad says engineering or food science are his top two picks. We shall see... even IF I could handle the math, I'd be working with inanimate objects... objects that don't talk. That would get old so quickly! My dad thinks I should start out in industrial or chemical engineering, and then, in his own words, "If you hate it, you can switch to food science." We shall see!

Ride a Merry-Go-Round and Scream my Head Off. Okay, that doesn't sound nearly so mature in words... oh well!

Share the Gospel on a Daily Basis. A little more serious than the merry-go-round scheme, I know. Right now I am helping with a Good News Club at Fort Riley, and it has been so rewarding. Kevan Meyers from CYIA was such a great example of evangelizing almost daily, and I was so challenged by his example! In some ways, this sounds so terrifying, but at the same time, there are people all around me whose souls are dying! How selfish it would be to keep the Good News to myself!


  1. If your dad actually thinks you have a chance to be a good engineer...that's a pretty high compliment, I'd say! Maybe he just wants you to be in one of his classes one day. :)

    Also, I promise I didn't look at this before I wrote out the journal prompt for tomorrow's class.

  2. Awesome post Hannah!!

    Please share the puppy chow clump with me......if you want any more tips feel free to ask. (just kidding, I don't have any more:)

    Also, if you like we could camp out on the tramp before the ACT!! Sound like a smart plan? Love your posts!!

    <3 Anna