Saturday, April 19, 2014

10 Things I Love about Summer!

I am a future-oriented person. It really can be a weakness, because I tend to look forward to or dread things in the future rather than staying focused on the present. However, it is appropriate (and fun!) at times to think about big picture plans and events. And one of the "events" that is coming up is the change of seasons. 
Summer is coming (Don't shoot me for saying that as soon as spring finally arrives... it's what I do)!
With it are many things I am looking forward to:

1.) Summer camps--We're still discussing which ones I'm going to (Worldview Camp, King Solomon Camp, CYIA, and Camp Good News are all in the mix) but each camp offers fun fellowship with friends as well as a potentially deeper relationship with God. 

2) Lemon Ice Cream--enough said!
3) Reduced School Load--Math will probably continue through the summer, but I am especially excited about physics and piano being done. 

GUYS!!!  Our cat just gave birth to three adorable kittens (And they're alive, which really surprised us!) right as I was posting!! I'm sure Natalie will post pictures within a couple hours, so I won't bother. :) Nothing to do with summer, but pretty exciting! 

Back to the post...

4.) Smoothies--okay, I'll confess these are kind of a year-round thing here, but still... I'm pumped!

5.) Non-stop Athletic-Shorts--These may or may not be a year-round thing at my house, too...guys, these Nikes are my absolute favorite right now! Now, can these please go on sale or something? 

6.) (I'm losing my train of thought as I stair at that beautiful pair of Nike shorts... really for the sake of a coherent post, I should delete that picture...the beauty of those Nikes is alluring/distracting.) 
Let me scroll down a ways to eliminate this distraction

Ahhh, much better. I can finally concentrate!

7.) Summer Volleyball Practices--Honestly, the practices are even more fun to me than the games! I love when you finally know who is on what team and your role on the team. Then, the team can gel!

8.) The Smell of Sunscreen--Mmm. They should make a candle that is sunscreen-scented! That and doughnut-scented. Mmmm! I would buy ten!

9.) Tans-- I'm sorry, but I really do like them. (No, that is not at all ironic to put under my love of sunscreen.) 

10.) Weekly Grilled Chicken--Mom doesn't grill much in the winter (something about standing outside in the snow and trying to cook raw meat...) but in the summer she makes it on a regular basis. It just makes me happy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Comment Post

You know what has been driving me crazy??? Our silly computer won't let me comment on any google/blogger blog! I mean, really? I have to read all these wonderful posts without being able to tell people that I really enjoy them by commenting on them!
You know what else is going to drive me crazy (and will probably be really, really good for me?) No internet for two weeks, starting this afternoon. None, nada, zip. Hence, the reason I am posting on Wednesday right after class rather than Monday 10 minutes before the deadline. Even though no internet will probably be a good thing in some respects, it means I have to get any written assignments printed out TODAY, since our printer doesn't work without the internet. I may be cramming in a cover letter this morning, folks!

Back my original topic: I want to comment on people's posts, but the kid computer is rendered useless when it comes to commenting (unless you have a wordpress blog) Therefore, I will attempt to comment HERE, instead of on the actual blogs, about how awesome your posts are. (See, I did them alphabetically because I love you all!)

 Anna: Your posts!!! You already know that your "people posts" are my favorite. You do an excellent job describing people, and making them "three dimensional" in writing! You pin-point exactly what makes each person special and always amaze me by how well you capture them. Not to mention your random every day posts, which have made me laugh, (think your fun lists) mourn, (think the end-of-the-volleyball-season-post) and everything-fun posts (which make up the remainder of the posts I didn't specifically mention).

Avery: I am enjoying your posts more and more! I admire your willingness to share from what's on your heart... that is scary, especially on something more public like a blog post! I loved your "Lies of the World" post because it truly challenged me. Realizing that many of the lies I believe are grounded in the even deeper lie that "I need attention!" was an eye-opener for me!

Bethany: Your most recent "Bucket List" post is so fun! Touring a castle and starring on the Amazing Race? Can I come with? Sounds waayyy more exciting and creative than my list. Your posts are ones that always seem to make my day happier. I have been amazed by the wide range of topics you cover in your posts. None of them feel the least bit repetitive... well, other than the fact that I always enjoy them!

Chloe: You are one of the most creative bloggers I know! I love your random but always-enjoyable posts! Your posts are so engaging. My favorite "type" of post are your, "Curious, isn't it?" posts because they're jam-packed with randomness and entertainment. You cover a wide range of topics with diplomacy and

Jerica: Your blog doesn't show up in my feed, so sometimes (gulp) I forget to read it. Shame on me! I'm missing out! I went back to your blog just today and was amazed by how it keeps looking more and more professional! Some of my favorite posts were the photo-shoots or Kendra and the rest of your family. Also, you're SAD about biology ending? Wow, that is great! What is your secret to such a great attitude? Because honestly, even my favorite subjects are ones I'm ready to be done with the end of school.

Laurel! I am still getting over the (very exciting) fact that you have a blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and hearing about your life from basketball to lists to random updates. I love how your "voice" comes through in your writing. I'm also especially excited that now your posts can include volleyball if you'd like, because you came to practice and we're practicing TOGETHER! The thrill is too much for me! :)

Mary Frances: I know you have a Wordpress blog (which means I can actually comment on my computer) but I decided I could still "comment" publicly here, too. :)
Your blog is for one thing, beautiful. The format is really cute, and the writer of the blog? Even more so. :) I love your beautiful pictures of food and your ever-engaging writing style that ranges from deep to hilarious.

Mrs. Mann: I love how you are posting more frequently! I was so happy to find you posted twice quite recently! I especially loved your inspiring list, and the JOY with which you view life. You seem to find the bright side in some of the most annoying circumstances! I know you have a baby, teach two classes, and are basically a very busy person, but when you get time, don't stop posting. :) Your posts are some of my favorite!

Natalie: You don't read my blog anyways, so I'll just tell you in person what I love about your blog. :)

Savanna:  Last in the alphabet but certainly NOT least, Savanna. :)Your personalities post was SO fun! You explained them all so well, and it made me rather in awe of how much time probably goes in to planning your characters. I still remember doing OYAN with the writing class and being amazed and overwhelmed by your detailed-ness. :) Also, your blog and general is a fun read because I get to hear your opinions, hopes, and thoughts--quite a privilege from someone as wise as you. :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

{Bucket List} Part 2

Mmm, bucket lists make me so happy! Here are a few additions I'd like to make to my previous post. :)

More to do on my bucket list...
Poach an egg the REAL way. You know, dropping it into boiling water rather than into the little poached egg tins my mother has. Those are not the same thing!

Camp out on the trampoline. I've tried at least twice, and after several hours of everything but sleeping, I always come inside... obviously I value sleeping more than coolness! And then consequently feel like a wimp.

Successfully hit (or spike, depending on your terminology) from the backrow during a volleyball game. Not a standing spike, the real deal. I don't think I've ever successfully done a true approach in a game and gotten the ball over the net. Yes folks, there is a reason I am confined to back row!

Make one Giant Clump of Puppy Chow. Thanks to Anna Keeley, I can now get small clumps of puppy chow rather than none, but I would love to fit a whole batch of puppy chow (preferably pumpkin) into one clump. Talk about delicious!

Try Some Classes at the Gym. I've always wanted to take a spinning class or a Zumba class!

Walk on Stilts. Apparently my genes aren't okay with my height aspirations, but there are other ways I can attain my (literally) lofty goal!

Convince my Dad that I'm not Cut Out to be an Engineer! Seriously, every year, K-state has an open house, and this year in particular my dad was convinced that I should do industrial or chemical engineering. Apparently, he doesn't want me to waste my "problem solving skills" (Hah!) on dietetics. Oh dear. It didn't help that my career test gave one (out of like 100) possible career of chemical engineering. So yes... my dad says engineering or food science are his top two picks. We shall see... even IF I could handle the math, I'd be working with inanimate objects... objects that don't talk. That would get old so quickly! My dad thinks I should start out in industrial or chemical engineering, and then, in his own words, "If you hate it, you can switch to food science." We shall see!

Ride a Merry-Go-Round and Scream my Head Off. Okay, that doesn't sound nearly so mature in words... oh well!

Share the Gospel on a Daily Basis. A little more serious than the merry-go-round scheme, I know. Right now I am helping with a Good News Club at Fort Riley, and it has been so rewarding. Kevan Meyers from CYIA was such a great example of evangelizing almost daily, and I was so challenged by his example! In some ways, this sounds so terrifying, but at the same time, there are people all around me whose souls are dying! How selfish it would be to keep the Good News to myself!