Monday, March 10, 2014

{People I Love} Savanna

7 years. That’s how long I’ve been blessed to know Savanna DeWolf! And in case you’re wondering, I’m dedicating this post to her because her birthday was this past Saturday.  I’m so thankful for her friendship, her loyalty, and her patience. Lots of patience. Here are some tidbits about her!
A few character qualities I love about Savanna:
·         She is an incredible listener—I can’t remember a single time she has interrupted me!
·         She has a beautiful smile that she shares with EVERYONE.
·         She has a sarcastic-yet-gentle sense of humor. J
·         She can keep a secret better than anyone else I know.
·         She is a clear, systematic teacher. I have learned so much from her—from Algebra help to card games.
·         She is willing to push her comfort zone to follow God

Some of Savanna’s many talents/gifts include:
  • ·         Her memory—I think it’s pretty close to photographic. She is especially good at remembering numbers, facts, statistics, and small details.
  • ·         She has an eye for photography. Her pictures are often unique, vibrant, and tastefully considered.
  • ·         Like I said before, she is a gifted teacher. While I struggle with being systematic and thorough, she is both of these things.
  • ·         She is smart. And I mean smart! I think the combination of her fantastic memory and attention to detail as well as her attentiveness to schoolwork all contribute to her  obvious intelligence.
  • ·         She is an engaging writer. I still have a story she wrote for me that applied directly to something I was struggling with. Which leads me to my next point…
  • ·         She is thoughtful. Aside from the example above, another time she displayed her thoughtfulness was a secret sister gift she gave me several years ago. Most people (okay, it was probably just me) were pretty last-minute about their secret sister gifts, perhaps giving their partner candy or a short note. But Savanna gave me decorated recipe notebook, with a note inside. I use this notebook weekly, and it is now full of recipes I love! I still read the note and am encouraged by it.
  • ·         She is quite the artist. She understands how colors go together, and can knit, croquet, draw, and modge podge really well. I think her detailed-ness helps her here, too. 

Finally, here is a poem I wrote for her birthday. It doesn't come close to telling how she has blessed me, but it does share a few of my favorite memories with her.

Little Girl with Glasses 
There’s a new girl with some glasses
Who is going to join our choir.
This new girl has an orange room…
I can tell I’m going to like her!

This new girl with the glasses
Is great at pretend play!
Her basement is the perfect place
For spending rainy days.

It’s perfect for a hospital
To care for our sick dolls.
It even makes a great big zoo
Complete with horses’ stalls.

I  like this girl with glasses!
She’s really, really smart.
She’s good at mostly everything
From mental math to art.

 This little girl with glasses
Is also very brave.
She ate Mom’s pheasant nuggets,
Which are kind of an acquired taste.

The other day was really fun!
 We climbed up onto the roof!
Until mom saw our siblings follow
And told us both to scoot.

 It’s official, this girl with glasses
Is growing up too fast!
I want our days of roofs and dolls
To stay right here and last!

Now this girl with glasses
Is turning eighteen today.
Change is just around the corner,
But these sweet memories are here to stay.


  1. The poem gets sweeter every time I read it! You are so talented, Hannah, and I mean that. Haha, sarcastic yet gentle, pretty accurate! And I couldn't agree more about the smart, detailed, and creative!

  2. You're too sweet! :) I love the poem, too... It's definitely one of my favorite presents ^_^.