Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why I Love People

It seems that my blog posts alternate between thoughts about God, random stories from everyday life, and even randomer  (yes, I know that's not a word, forgive me, Mrs. Mann) lists! I haven't written a list in what feels like forever, so here it goes!

Since I haven't seen my friends as much as I would like recently, I have to admit I've been thinking a lot about them. Being away from them has made me appreciate how special they really are. In fact, being away has made me appreciate how special people in general are! And it's made me realize just how MUCH I love them! So, here's a list of why I love people... both those who are just acquaintances, and those "special people."

Reasons People in General are Wonderful WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! ( I couldn't resist using all caps!)
1.)  Every single person in this world has a story. Some seem more eventful or exciting than others, but they all matter to God.  All too often write off people by what the result of the story is-be it anger, bitterness, or insecurity, etc-without knowing the story behind the behavior. I'm working on not jumping to conclusions when it comes to why people act the way they do. If they matter to God, they should matter to me!

2.) People have such a wide variety of personalities! I love getting to know the quirks and their God-given differences. From being introverted to outgoing, from control-freaks to those happy-go-lucky people, they all can provide insight into different situations. Their unique perspectives on life make life more interesting and often more enjoyable!

3.) They come in all ages, shapes, and sizes! I love being with younger kids because they are so full of joy and energy. I love hearing their rambling stories. I love how they can be so passionate about the littlest things, like marshmallows and staplers! (yes, the kids in my Sunday school have been passionate about both!) On the opposite extreme, there are those elderly people in nursing homes who are also such a joy , because they are delighted to see you!

4.) People have such a variety of God-given talents. Some are athletic, some are musically inclined, some are good at public-speaking, some can make people laugh. Some are great teachers, others are leaders, others can quietly make people feel at home. People bring so much joy into life that would not otherwise be there!

5.) There is one AWESOME thing that just about everyone has in common: The ability to smile. I have a friend who has told me  that our smile is God's favorite thing about us. I would have to agree. Our smile is a silent expression of JOY! I think this is one reason I love little kids so much: they smile a LOT.

Then there are the "special" people in my life, the ones who I care deeply about. Here are some of the things that separates them from being just acquaintances:

1.) They really care about me! They may show they care in different ways, but they express it in some way or another.

2.) I know I can trust them. If something is wrong, I don't have to "fake it" with them. Even when I'm brutally real, (and when I'm real, it's  often ugly, trust me) they still care and love me.

3.) Most of the people who are closest to me are Christians. Since my goal is to make God my first priority, (although I often fail) it is helpful to have other like-minded children of Jesus at my side. 

Maybe now you can see why people are so special to me. They are definitely my favorite of God's creations. While they all  definitely do have a sinful nature, I think it's really cool that God has given us a way to be freed from that so we can truly be who He wants us to be.


  1. I know that you're thinking about your friends...Most of your posts while you've been gone have been about friendship!! I've loved this "list" from you the best of all of them:) You are an amazing friend, dear girl!!!

  2. Your lists are always encouraging, Hannah! And, yes, I will forgive your making up a word. It's allowed, as long as you realize that it is, in fact, pretend! :) I think my favorite on your list was the first one. It is so easy to judge people on first or second impressions, and taking the time to ask questions and get to know them is so important for knowing who they really are and what they need. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hannah (this is Mrs. Ford)
    I read you blog and am sitting here with tears in my eyes! I have known you since you were about three years old, I have watched you grow-up, at times walking beside you and other times from afar. All the while, I have prayed for you, prayed God would use you, prayed you would grow into the woman God has caled you to be and prayed for you to rest deeply in Christ love for you. I sit here with tears running down my face because, I see, from this sweet blog God's faithfulness in your life. God is telling a story, a beautiful story in your life! You and yours are one of the *special* people in my life. I love you. Mrs. Ford