Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ten Randomly Awesome Things That I Often Take For Granted

As of late, I have been a rather pessimistic, complaining, procrastinating, person. I have been looking at all the work I have to do, rather than thanking God for where He has put me right now. And I have been looking at some of HUGEST blessings in my life as, well, annoyances.  I've had enough of this sillyness! It's pathetic, not to mention miserable, to be focused on how I wish circumstances would change. God has me right where I am for a reason, and I'm going to thank Him for it! Here are 10 things right here and right now that I am super grateful for:

1) My awesome Dad. He's for sure a unique guy... the kind of guy who has woken up at 4:00 a.m. from muscle spasms caused by four solid hours of... JUGGLING! He's the kind of guy who has driven our car around the entire house... because we hadn't done it before. And he's the kind of guy who decides He wants to walk a Triple Konza (18 miles) because it sounds cool. But he is ALSO the kind of guy who works two full-time jobs to support his family. And he's the kinda guy who will do whatever is best for His kids, even if it's hard.

2.) My Mom! She homeschools three kids, cleans house, cooks supper, teaches three classes, and basically keeps the entire household from being driven to insanity. I love her to pieces.

3.) My (you guessed it) awesome siblings. Blaize, my brother, is a lego-building, fort-constructing, starwars-loving 11- year- old. (in other words, in my opinion, he's crazy!) But he's also the kind of kid who will spend his Christmas money on presents for his dear, loving, sweet, and affectionate older sisters. :) Natalie is an amazing photographer and a super listener, who loves sugar. She can always make me smile!

4.) Fruit Smoothies. (enough said.) They're amazing!

5.) Cute things. You know, things like mini-cupcakes, desks for REALLY short people (like 1st graders... I'm really short, not REALLY short (capitalization can change the ENTIRE meaning of a word)) and those  mini-fridges in college dorm rooms. Oh, and then there's the epitome of cuteness: Mary Frances's hair cut!!!!!!!!
6.) ATHLETIC SHORTS!!!!!!! They are amazingly comfy, so easy to move in, and can double as pajamas, and triple as my very favorite fashion statement!

7.) Chemistry. I complain faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too often about how hard it is, how I'm practially flunking it, and how I have a test next week. Really, it's a great opportunity to learn about God's creation and how complicated it is. And it had better be expanding my brain, at least a little! And it's really pretty cool.

8.) My marvelously awesome friends. They really are just amazing. Some a great talkers, some are great listeners, some can always make me laugh, and some are all three. My best ones are the ones I can share the nitty-gritty pieces of my life with.

9.) My newly-tuned piano. Ahhhhhhh! It is so amazing to play on a piano that is in-key and even has a pedal that works!!!!!!!! And Christmas music sounds to fun on it, now!

10) The third graders in my class. They are just so awesome, it's hard to describe. They always eat my snack, even if it looks... eccentric.  AND, they always, always ALWAYS wake me up, no matter how tired I am going into it.

Goodness, I DO have so much to be thankful for. It's great to see just a few of these things in writing.


  1. I love lists, and a thankfulness list is one of the best kinds you can make! Your family does sound wonderful (I think my husband knows your dad, or is at least acquainted with him from the engineering department at K-State), but I doubt he knows about his juggling talents! And I'm with you about cute/miniature things. Love them!

  2. I do agree, Mary's hair is cute and fruit smoothies are REALLY good (notice the capitalization) :) And I LOVE your list!!! THanks for reminding me of how much I have to be thankful for!

  3. I love your lists! They always make me smile and are inspiring as well. Loved the desciption of your dad as well. Juggling for 4 straight hours, now that is a feat!