Friday, February 8, 2013

Keys to Getting it Done

"I just didn't have time to get to it today." If these words were illegal, I'd already have a life-long sentence to prison! Fortunately for me, they're not. There's something a little fishy about these words, though. I usually say them about the things I don't want to do! Do you know how many days I've said I "didn't have time" to watch a movie with Natalie??? A LOT! And then there's the, "I don't have time to read my Bible. I have school!" The funny thing is, I ALWAYS have time to work out. And I always just happen to have time to call/hang out with/write back my friends. Why? Because I make time for the things I enjoy, and the things that I think are important. Then there are things like English and Chemistry... how many times have I stayed up WAY too late Monday nights finishing all my homework?  At 1:00 in the morning, when I usually would be sleeping, I'm studying!  You'd be right if you said it was because I'm chronic procrastinator, but that's not quite what I'm going for. The truth is, I wouldn't be staying up that late unless I knew that there was a teacher waiting at class who would subtract from my grade if I didn't complete the assignments. It's called accountability.

Basically, I may not always "have" time, but I make time for the things I want to do, or the things I have to do. However, in my life, some of the things I don't have to do are the things that really matter. Like reading my Bible, or taking time to spend with God. And even just obeying God in things that I really don't want to do.

Recently, a friend of mine and I have been keeping each other accountable to run every almost every day.  We've even found this plan to train for a half marathon! The truth is, there are plenty of days I would have run less, or just walked because it's easier, if I hadn't known that I would be sending her a quick e-mail in the near future and would have to be honest about what I actually accomplished.

Another plus is that I can SEE progress. For example, last week, I could only run two miles without practically dying. This week, I can run three. The progress, (though pitifully small), is visible and tangible, therefore MOTIVATIONAL! Because I set and reach goals, it motivates me to keep going.

I've always wondered why it's totally conceivable to improve at things like volleyball and runnning, but so hard to get better at obeying Jesus. Perhaps it's because I haven't been using the pattern of accountability and setting goals in my spiritual life. Often I say I'm going to do "better" tomorrow, without ever deciding what "better" means. Then I fail, get down on myself, and quit, because I didn't attain my inconcrete goal. I pretty much set myself up for the failure I got.

Here's my game-plan for this week: To set specific, concrete goals, and to get accountability to help me follow through. We'll see if this actually works!


  1. I bet it will work!! Hmm... good point! That's good advice:)

  2. Yes I've thought about this a lot too...I'll be praying for ya!!!!!!! I know God will honor your desire to spend more time in His word, and other things that will glorify Him!

  3. Accountability is definitely a blessing when it comes to setting goals or changing things we know we need to change. Keep up the good work with running! I ran a few half marathons in college, and though the training was not always fun, I was always motivated by both the money I'd already paid for the race AND the person who was training with me! Do you plan to find a race or just do it on your own?