Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fun Has Just Begun! (A Day in the LIfe of the DeWolf Family)

A one week sleepover? Yes, please! The DeWolfs are like our second family, and often, when our parents are gone, we pack up our school and volleyball gear and head there for however long our parents are gone for! Of course, we try to act all upset and sad that we won't see our parents for a week,    but we never feel too bad... the DeWolfs are so awesome we often forget about the fact that our parents are gone! One night before my parents were scheduled to leave, I went out to dinner with my volleyball team, and they asked where my parents were going... and I had no clue! I guessed Washington D.C. or Chicago, when in actuality, they were heading south to Texas. Whoops.

Anyways, I have a feeling this week will be lots of fun, but very tiring. (in a fun way!) Us girls have decided to mix up the sleeping arrangements so that both Natalie and I can have "mini sleepovers" with both Savanna and Avery during the week. Last night I "slept" in Avery's room. Hah.  Two hours after we were planning on going to sleep, we finally shut up. :) And then we woke up early to make Mr. DeWolf a birthday breakfast. That was this morning... Yesterday was fun, too! I got to first, go to my practice, then come back and do school, and THEN go to the JV/JH practice!!! SO fun! I love those girls to pieces, and it was fun to condition with them and just chit-chat. (in between drills, of course.)  I'm afraid I sweated just as much as they did! And I was just shagging  balls! Then, I got to come home and BAKE!!! Can it get any better than that? It was just cornbread, but still, it was fun for me!  And then, to top it off, I went running that evening! (Baaaad idea. I did it 15 minutes after super and died at about the 2 1/2 mile mark.  But it felt good once I made it back!) Add to that family four-square, long, random conversations with Avery, and a good (although short) night's rest, and all in all, it was a good day. I am pumped to get to spend time with my favorite people, even if it does mean getting a few less hours of shut-eye. :)


  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY AND I AM SO JEALOUS!! Avery said you two were up until midnight!! Naughty naughty:D
    I had such a fun time conditioning and playing volleyball with you too.
    Fun post, Hannah. Thumbs up!

  2. Sleepovers are the best. And for a whole week? THAT is a pretty special deal!