Friday, September 20, 2013

The Poems Keep A Comin'!

I realized I have to post twice this week and am settling on less-than-ideal posts, since (gasp) I can't think of anything more interesting to say! Here's another poem!

Blessing or Busyness 
I like to keep busy
there's no time to think.
No time to question,
to wonder or seek.

I like to keep busy, 
it helps me to hide
from the questions that whirl
'round and round in my mind.

I like to keep busy 
when life seems too bleak
It's nice to forget 
that I'm really quite weak.

It's nice to keep busy,
there's no time to feel
It helps me escape 
from what I know is real.

I like to keep busy, 
it numbs the sting
that silence and time for
thought seem to bring. 

I like to keep busy,
to brush over the fear
But when I keep busy
I forget God is near.

It's when I'm not busy
and I have time to think
that the problems I have
in this life seem to shrink.

Because when I sit down
To spend time with my Savior
The purpose I'd lost in this 
life is restored.

 It's when I am busy 
spending time with this Friend
that the fear of the worst in this
life seems to end.

Could it be that the dullness
of escaping a feeling
is surpassed by the JOY
of true inner healing? 



  1. Mm, I really appreciate that reminder, Hannah. I like to keep busy, too, and with my daughter being born, I have found that I am busy with her but also have a lot more time to think (like when I'm feeding her at 2 a.m.!). I've tried to use the time to pray instead of letting my mind wander and worrying about the future.

  2. You seem to be reading my mind Hannah! Both your poems have touched on subjects (in such a thoughtful way!) I am facing! Thank-you!