Monday, December 16, 2013

Running on the ROAD!

This week, after years of asking, weeks waiting for the mace, and, sell, several minutes spent watching mace (pepper spray) videos, I went running. By myself. On the road! Monumental occasion? I think yes!

Okay, so in all honesty, my first run wasn’t alone. Once Blaize found out that I was going running by myself on the road, he decided he needed to come with me. He tried to convince mom that I wasn’t ready, but when that didn’t work, he just decided to join me. Though we didn’t run particularly far (and he wanted to clarify that my “running” was actually “jogging”… a very true clarification… he was thinking I was sprinting multiple miles at a time) we had fun just talking to each other. I got a good laugh when he was mentioning  how tired he was, then starting sprinting when some geese flew over us. Apparently, he was afraid that his new Nike sweatshirt would fall victim to  plummeting bird… droppings.

We were both ready to run long and hard… until we hit the third-mile long hill about a mile into it. J That took it out of us real fast. Eventually, I’d like to be able to do the WHOLE five-mile loop running, which has over a mile of uphill running in it… but that will definitely take a while for me to work up to.

I just started running, so there are many things about it that are painful. But one thing running outside has made me more appreciative of is winter. At any other time of the year, when I so much as get my heart rate up, I start sweating like a pig in a sauna wearing his snowsuit. I have a really good cooling system, what can I say? But in the winter, you start out cold, and by the time you’re done running, you’re the perfect temperature, even a little warm. (But not warm enough to start sweating profusely.)  I even took off my GLOVES, which is rather miraculous because if anything gets cold, it’s usually my hands. Exercising is so much fun when  you can come back refreshed rather than drenched.


I’m not a runner, and it’s possible I never will be, but I’m excited to be able to mix up my workout routine with an occasional jog (that was for you, Blaize!) outside. J


  1. Yeah! You got a running buddy AND pepper spray! What more do you need? I know, running when it is cool, borderline cold, is so nice, because you never really get hot. I'm impressed you got out in this weather - keep it up girl!

  2. Aww how fun!! I'm glad your dad ended up getting it for you!! And your description: Sweating like a pig in a sauna- oh gosh. That definitely painted a picture for me! :) :)

  3. Good for you! I just started running (well, Blaize is right, it is jogging for me, too!) a few weeks ago (for the first time since I was about 18 weeks pregnant!), and it is definitely hard to start up again. But I do agree that running in the cold is more enjoyable than sweating profusely!