Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Week in a Nutshell :)

My week has been a strange week. Usually I can determine whether my week has been been "good" or "bad". Not so with this week! Within the past 7 days, these pictures have all been accurate portrayals of me:
 Last Monday/Tuesday:
Quote of the Day(s):"This is the worst day of my LIFE!"  Confessions, confessions, I have actually thought this. (Cough, cough. A LOT!)But that's what a week of procrastination will do to you, so it's my own fault!) I had a chemistry test for which I HAD to get an 'A' (due to a previous bad grade) 3 hours of piano to do, a 64- question math test, and an English assignment. And I had the self-imposed pressure of refusing to pay the consequence for procrastinating (failure.)
Tuesdays, my days always look like this:  6:30 a.m. What in the WORLD am I wearing today? 8:30-English. 10:30-Chemistry. 1:00 -piano. 3:00 math tutoring. 5:00- MY SACRED HOUR OF DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE! 6:15- Alpha 9:00-
treadmill time! 10:00-study for procrastinated worldview assignments. :)


Quote of the Day(s): "This is the best day of my life!" Yup. That's what a birthday, multiple very sweet cards, new jeans, Panera bread, and loads of diet mountain dew will do to you. (Wednesday.) Despite the fact that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the day before, I had a great day... especially when my day was made by my writing class friends. :) Thursday, Mom planned a whole day out for me with a few of my friends, shopping, jelly-bean eating, talking, parking-lot-laps, walking, and more shopping and eating... basically this girl's dream come true. ) It was a truly wonderful day. And, of course, no school!


Quote of the day(s): "Wait... that's on the schedule?" Oh no! I had two honors society commitments, the ACT test, Sunday school to teach, a doctor's appointment, thank-you notes to write, and, oh yeah, I forgot about school!  How was I going to fit it all in?


Quote of the Day: "Uh, oh, I need to use the bathroom. NOW!" Yup, I had just sat down for what would be about two hours of testing, they had just gone through the rules about how if you leave  during the test you're automatically disqualified. That's when my bladder decided to rebel. Well, not really... I just really, really, really, had to go. That's when I started praying that I'd make it. And God, having forces over all nature, helped me focus despite my temporary discomfort. :)
The test was pretty hard... actually, my favorite part was the essay! It was nice to see something that looked familiar... not like Greek. I have no clue how they'll grade it, but I got words down, and I remembered to have a thesis statement! I guess that's a good thing?

Sunday/ Monday:
Quote of the day(s): "Wait, I have school?"  Yup, THAT'S when I remembered that I had a short story to write, piano to practice, math to do, and chemistry homework. Sound familiar?

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  1. I'm so proud of you for loving the essay portion and writing a thesis statement! :) I thoroughly enjoyed this post, complete with quotes and pictures, though I am sorry that it caused you so much stress! Glad you had such a lovely mid-week breath of fresh air. Sounds like you have a pretty wonderful mother who knows how to make her daughter feel special and loved!