Friday, February 21, 2014

Another List!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm running out of "interesting" things to post on my blog. So, whoever's idea it was to ask a question and then answer if yourself, prepare to be flattered! I'm copying you!

What is your full name? Hannah Brienne Peterman.  Sidenote: "Brienne" (which spell-check says is not a word... rude!)  means "strong," and I was born a prematurely at 3 lbs, 15 ounces, so my parents figured I'd need some strength. :)

What did you eat for breakfast today? Oatmeal and almonds. (I'm addicted to nuts in general.)

What did you eat for snack this morning?  Ummm, almonds. Oh dear.

What are you going to eat for lunch today? Let's just not go there.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Frozen. Olaf, are you single?

What is your favorite book of the Bible? Books, actually. Probably the Psalms and Philippians. They are encouraging and challenging.

If I could live anywhere, where would you live? Manhattan, KS. Although I would move our house (and 20 acre) property to the middle of town so it would be flatter. Hills are tough sometimes, you guys,  Either that or I would just smoosh our hills into flat spaces and keep our location. Because that would be kind of fun.

What is your favorite piano song that you're playing? Prelude I by George Gershwin. Here's a video of someone playing it better than I ever will. (Notice I picked a full grown man to make me look better as opposed to a 8 year old girl who can play my piece well. Some people! )

Favorite Foods? I have to pick?! Pretzels, grilled chicken, and, well, almonds. Oh, and ice cream. Annnd cereal.

Are there any foods that you don't like? I know, the idea is a bit shocking, but there are few. I don't like potatoes (unless they're sweet potatoes), salami, or American cheese.

What do you do in your spare time? I talk to people, attempt (usually unsuccessfully) to stay in shape, bake, and occasionally, read.

Facts that might surprise other people? I'm not a huge movie person, though I'll watch them with friends in a heartbeat. My greatest pet-peeve is probably when people act superior to other people. I love a good debate, and I love miniature versions of just about anything.

Favorite Qualities in  Person? Joy regardless of  circumstances, truth spoken in love, and a desire to serve rather than benefit.

The thing(s)  you would most like to change about yourself? My quick tongue, (Yes, Bethany Marteney, I can be really unkind!) my tendency towards comparison, and parts of my appearance.

Favorite Quotes? Choosing is hard, but here are a few:

It is a choice!

"Joy is the serious business of heaven." C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis, you are so wise!!!!!!!

obedience. Francis Chan

And lastly: 
"You are entirely bonkers. But I'll telll you a secret. All the best people are."  Alice In Wonderland


  1. Love those quotes Hannah!! Fun post.:)

  2. These posts are so fun, I have no idea who started them-I think it was Bethany- but I'm loving it. Fun quotes and another great post girl!

  3. Hannah Peterman, if you do say unkind things... well, I've never heard it! Seriously fun post. I loved hearing your answers to questions that would probably never appear in my conversations with you. Love your outlook on the world, Hannah!

  4. I love this list! Maybe I will use it for my next blog post. Thank you for sharing! The things that stood out to me were the quotes (many of which were exactly what I needed to hear right at this moment), the fact about your premature birth (and your lovely middle name), that you love the Psalms and Phillippians (some of my favorites, as well!), and that cereal and ice cream are in your list of favorite foods (if I didn't know any better, I think I might consider living off of both of those).