Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Phases

Many years ago, my brother, Blaize, was obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with plastic dinosaurs. All his money, time, and energy was poured into acquiring and playing with his dinosaurs.  He send the other dinosaurs into a tailspin with a flick of his Stegosaurus's tail. He made his Pachycephalosarus bonk heads with the other dinosaurs. His T-Rex (thank goodness for abbreviated dinosaur names) was on constant patrol scouring the surface of Blaize's bedroom floor for lunch. Endless entertainment could be found spending time with his plastic "friends." 
And then, suddenly, Blaize was interested in plastic building supplies called Playmobile. Again,a few years later, it was the dreaded Lego. (More on that later.) Needless to say, Blaize's interests have changed multiple times throughout the years. 

I laugh at his sudden changes in interests. I mean, the only common thread that I can see with them is that they are all made out of plastic. But truth be told, I think we all go through "phases" of some sort--times when we're super passionate about a subject, only to drop it when something better comes along.

So, here is a list of interests for each one of my family members (for as long as I have known them.) 
My Mom: She's been pretty steady-eddy. She loves decorating our home, counseling other people, and reading a good book. ( I think the reason she has fewer hobbies is because she is so busy helping us kids pursue ours!)

My Dad: Playing Airsoft with my brother, cooking lunch on Sundays for Mom (always eggs, along with random leftovers from our fridge-- he scares me SO badly) and playing a board game called Qwirkle. EVERY night. Unfortunately, the game is a series of decisions. Which is great for the the first two turns, and not so great when my brain is after nine grueling decisions, at which point my family sets the timer and groans as I try to make up my mind. Decisions in competition are SO hard, because if you make the decision you might lose! 

Me: You'd think I'd know by now... I'm working on developing hobbies, but so far I enjoy being outside, shoveling snow,  and looking forward to volleyball season. 

Natalie: She reads a lot! That girl is well-read! Oh, and she studies a lot, too! Also, she has been working on decorating her room, which is looking great! She is always doing something creative... from watercoloring to snow cream-making to room-decorating. 

Blaize: Right now, it's Airsoft, calling Noah Salts on the phone (I've always thought girls were the talkers, but no! Blaize can talk for over an hour several times a week on the phone. If it weren't for my mom and Mrs. Salts setting limits, who knows how long the phone calls would last or how frequently they would occur). And lastly, the dreaded Lego. The often litter his floor, making it a health hazard at night time. I believe if I were ever to create my own torture chamber, I would tile the floors with Legos. Just saying.

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  1. I enjoyed your last post, even though I didn't comment on it. And I was remembering the painful feeling of stepping on legos in bare feet...ouch! My oldest brother is 27, and he still loves legos! So there may not be much hope for Blaize getting over that phase. :)

    Also, you have lots of other creative talents/hobbies: poem-writing, card-making, delicious-brownie-or-other-dessert-creating...I'm sure the list can go on.