Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chloe Salts: One TREMENDOUS Blessing!

 Happy Birthday, Chloe!!! Wow, where to begin? Chloe is a friend who I can laugh with, cry with, and talk through the night with. From frigid photo shoots to caking our hair in baking soda, we've made many fun memories together. Here are some things  I love about her:

1.) She's a talker! I love both quiet and chatty people, but Chloe is fun to be with even when I'm tired. I don't have to work to keep up the conversation with her. She has this gift of making everyone around her feel welcome and included.

2.) She is a talented story-writer! Her creativity and vivid word choices make her writing exciting and meaningful.

3.) She deeply cares about all the people she meets! There have been many times when she calls out of the blue to ask how I'm doing, or sends e-mails with the one intent of encouraging me. She's mailed care packages all the way to Pennsylvania to encourage a friend in need. She's made me scrapbooks for birthdays and Christmas. She's left devotional books on my bed as a totally spontaneous gift.

4.She's a firm fan of Reese's pieces; what's not to love about that?

5.) God is constantly on the forefront of her mind. She is constantly trying to choose what would glorify him in her relationships with her siblings, parents, friends, and acquaintances. She  challenges me on a regular basis to give EVERYTHING to God, and not hold anything back.

6.) She's got a SUPER CUTE fashion sense! I love all her clothes, and she's a great shopper in that she finds clothing items that are really cute by themselves, but can be mixed and matched with other cute clothes to make fresh outfits. And it helps that she's beautiful to begin with.

7.) She's transparent. She's willing to be vulnerable and talk about her struggles, which makes it so much easier to confide in her. Also, I can usually trust that she will be honest about her opinion of me.

What a blessing Chloe is to me and to everyone who knows her. Chloe, YOU ARE AWESOME!! Love you!

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  1. HANNAH!!!!! You just made. My. Day. Times ten!!!! Thank you so much sweet girl:) I'm so blessed to have a friend like you:)