Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Highlights

1.) The discovery of diaries! I hadn't journaled  (According to spell-check, this isn't a word, but journal can definitely be both a noun or a verb, so get over it, spell-check!)  since I was about 10 years old, and I was surprised by how effective it is in getting all my thoughts out. In the past my friends have been my diaries, and thus they hear the good, the bad, and the ugly... all in one confused, mostly incoherent run-on sentence. Now my journal gets to hear my initial explosion of words, and my friends get the slightly more condensed version. (At least, that's my hope. It'll take some practice!)

2.) Party at Jill's! Jill has helped coach CHIEF Varsity volleyball for several years, even though she really has no connection to the girls other than being a neighbor to our middle hitter, Rebek. She came to all our practices and was pretty much awesomeness in human form. And then, she invites the whole varsity team over to her house for a party! Though it took us a while to find her house (We showed up ten minutes late because we went to the wrong house and had to check to make sure it wasn't Jill's) we walked into this amazing fondue buffet, complete with cheese and chocolate fondues, pretzels (yay!) cubed cake, fruit, broccoli, and much more. We then headed down to her basement to play around-the-world Ping-Pong, Just Dance, and "basketball." Oh, and don't forget jumping from several stairs up onto  giant beanbags! The best part was just getting together as a whole team again. I'm going to miss those ladies! Although I definitely intend to try to keep up the relationships that were built this season.

3.) I couldn't wait much more than a day to call of my team-mates and discuss everything from new workout moves to essays with them! I love talking on the phone, although face-to-face is better. However, I often come home from Co-op or volleyball saying, "Mom, can we have so-and-so over?" And she gives me this surprised look and says, "You just saw them an hour ago!" "
"But classes do not count!"
This happens quite frequently at our house, and unfortunately, is the reason I am inclined to call so many people. But I don't mind too much. Sometimes phone calls are nice because I can be wearing sweats and a t-shirt while sitting on top of a pile of clothes on my room (actually quite comfortable) and the person on the end of the line has no idea. :) Basically, I like face-to-face, but phone calls are nice when I don't feel like spending three hours on room cleaning.

4.) Square Dancing: Despite being worried that I would trip over my own feet, I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't do it all night every night, but the fact that it only comes once and a while makes it special.

I'd love to hear your highlights, too!


  1. Yes to them all! It has been a great week, hasn't it? I had never thought about friends being your journals, but it's true ... what an interesting thought. I always enjoy your posts Hannah!

  2. YAY I'm glad you've finally started journaling:) Isn't it fantastic?
    Aww the party sounds so fun, and for the record I wouldn't mind if we were talking face to face with us both in sweatpants. Which, come to think of it, has happened before. :D :D Great post!!