Saturday, November 30, 2013

Favorite Moments from This Week

1.) Sorry to sound like a sports geek, but AUBURN BEAT ALABAMA!!! This was by far the best game I've seen all season!  (How could it not be? Alabama LOST! have I mentioned that I hate Alabama? (The team, not the state) )It was a tied game with one second left on the clock.  Alabama sends out their freshman (newby)  kicker to kick a 57-yard field goal. The field goal was short. No biggy, right? Just go into overtime. But an Auburn player who is nine yards into the end zone fields the flubbed field goal attempt and takes off down the left sideline towards the opposite end zone, 109 yards away. But guess what? Since Alabama was attempting a field goal, they had all their linemen out on the field. And they can't run! So Auburn takes it 109 yards--109 YARDS-- to earn a touchdown. And Alabama lost!  Some teams just need to lose, and Alabama was one of them. Alabama has been good for forever, and they know it. Plus, now they probably can't go the national championship! Day = MADE! My family and I were screaming with excitement as Auburn scored that last touchdown.

Forgive my uneducated football lingo... I'm sure there are more technical words for half of what I said...although I'm trying to actually understand the game, not just cheer for (or against) certain teams. Blaize is unofficially "teaching" me about football. (I bombard him with questions, he answers until he gets annoyed.)  However, learning the difference between a punt and a kickoff (sadly) made me feel accomplished. Nope, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

2.) Oh yes, I forgot, there were other highlights from this week. I had intended to only talk a sentence or two about the Alabama-squashing. Hah!
 Another highlight, for example, was going out to Starbucks (yay!) with my cousins after Black Friday Shopping. It even made up for the fact that I didn't find a single thing to buy. Well, actually, I found things, but forgot my money, which is basically the same thing. I ordered a peppermint mocha (Who orders just black coffee at Starbucks? There are too many frivolously wonderful options to choose from!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

3.) Baking! I made a pumpkin caramel cheesecake that was delicious, if I do say so myself. It had ground pecans in the crust, which I thought was such a good idea! And I made pretzel bread, which was also really fun. However, have you ever tried boiling a whole loaf of bread? (That's what you have to do with pretzels.) It's great... until you have to figure out how to get the too-large lump of dough OUT of the pan. Yeah, let's just say the results tasted good, but weren't particularly... attractive!

Natalie is sure to report a more detailed, better-rounded report of this week, so I will leave you with these detailed accounts of small but VERY significant events. :)
Did I mention that Alabama lost? :)


  1. Ahahaha your first one is the best. My family and I sat down to watch the Nebraska volleyball game tonight and I left the room only to hear them yelling in excitement as they saw a replay of the last touchdown in the Alabama game. Whohoo! We were all purty excited ourselves!
    Mmmmm Starbucks drinks are the best. And your pretzel bread? Well lets say it sounds like an adventure! now I want to try it!

  2. Yes to Auburn! Yes to pretzel bread! Yes to cheesecake! And yes to Starbucks and Black Friday shopping!!!
    Whoa, I need to slooow down ... great post Hannah! I really enjoyed hearing your very professional :) thoughts on the game and I also really liked getting to see inside your holiday with your cousins. What a fun time!